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PengSwim is a game of swimming and eating, a penguin's two favorite activities. The pbject of PengSwim is to eat as many fish as possible within the time limit. Once you've eaten all the fish on the level, you move to a new level with more fish to eat. What could be simpler?


I've only tested the game on Linux, but it may be possible to install in on other systems, provided you fix the Makefile accordingly. I use SDL, SDL_mixer, and SDL_ttf, all of which have been ported to a variety of systems. You'll also need a TrueType font, preferrably Helvetica (see Installation). Other than that, it should compile without a problem. Let me know of any success stories on non-Linux platforms.


It's all at sourceforge


There is a make file included with the tarball, but it leaves much to be desired. The default binary directory is /usr/games and the default data directory is /usr/share/pengswim. If you need to use different directories, particularly if you want to compile PengSwim to run in your home directory, you'll need to edit these values. Also, you'll need to change the path and file of the font if your Helvetica font is not installed in the stated directory or if you want to use a different font. In the future, I intend to use autoconf and automake to make this all much more sane. Until then, bear with me.


UP - Accelerate
DOWN - Brake
LEFT - Turn counter-clockwise
RIGHT - Turn clockwise
SPACE - Charge
Q or ESC - Quit

The controls may take a second to get used to, but it's basically like the old Asteroids game with a lot more viscosity. Note that when you jump out of the water, you have no control.

You have 30 seconds per level to eat all the fish on the screen. Once you eat all the fish, you have the option of going to a new level with two additional fish. This goes on for a maximum of 20 fish (I may raise that eventually). My current high score is 69 fish. N.B. The last fish is always the toughest.


Everyone loves screenshots.



What's New



There's a ton of things I'd like to add.
Short Term: Long Term: Of course, I'd love to hear any suggestions you have, and I'd REALLY love any help from out there, especially if you've done this sort of thing before. I'm kind of making this up as I go along, so I could use an experienced hand, even if just to inspect my code. Artists, musicians, sound geeks, and any other talent are also appreciated and welcomed. Get in touch with me, if you are interested

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